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Travelers Back Up Battery (#142)

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(Did you know TSA can confiscate your electronics if they are not charged.  Scary.  Travelers should always carry a back-up power source to prove the device is what it says it is...)

This is a back-up power source for all your stuff. A powerful 8,000 mah  battery to charge your phone, tablet, camera and other electronics when travelling. Don't be stuck after a long plane flight with a dead phone that needs a charge.  Or what if you're on the road and forgot to plug in the night before.  This small battery with LOTS of battery capacity can save the day.  Small size (4"x3"x1") and lots of charging power (multiple phone charges, several  ipad charges, camera charges, mp3 charges etc.)  With two USB charging ports to fire up two devices at the same time.  Has overcharge protection built in.  Input:  5V 1000 mA.  Output: 1000/2100 mA.  CE/FCC/ROHS certified.  Comes with a 3 device output cable and an input charging cable. LED Display. White.