Who Are We?

We're glad you asked.

En Route Travelware brings you value driven travel gear that makes your life on the road easier and safer. We think you should spend your hard earned dough on experiences not expensive packing gear. 

For over 30 years we've been designing, selling and talking with travelers.  With several luggage and travel stores in the San Francisco Bay Area, we came to know what products really work, and what things just take up valuable space in your suitcase.  Over this time we learned how to get ready for a trip, whether it be for a weekend jaunt or a trip around the world.

Keep in mind that although we have kept our prices low, our quality is high. 

Be assured our products are all made using top of the line materials, and we offer a full refund for anything that didn’t meet your expectations. And we ship from California (not China) for speedy delivery and easy returns.

Side note…at this time we are not selling luggage but what we do recommend is getting a suitcase with the highest quality, strongest wheel system you can find. That doesn't necessarily mean a heavy suitcase though, the lighter the better!

Please let us know if you have a question or an idea for a new product. We have received some of our best ideas from travelers who describe a common travel problem they want to solve. We're all in this together.

Bon Voyage from your friends at En Route Travelware.

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