Comfort Cushion with Blanket

$ 56.99

$ 15.00

This is the one pillow you'll love.  It's a head rest, neck pillow, foot rest, leg support, seat cushion and back support.

And it comes with a cozy blanket rolled up inside. Great for sitting on in a plane or in a car,  the microbeads move with you to help with circulation.  Size rolled up  16x6x7".  Weighs only 22 oz.  Pillow when flat is 16x20x1".  Fleecy, stretchy,  blanket a large 72" x 50".   The Comfort Cushion has an elastic strap to attach to desk chair or car seat to support your back right where you need it.  Great for taking to stadiums, use with a wheelchair, take on a picnic as well as taking on the airplane or use in the car.   Inner material is soft stretchy fabric where you can feel the microbeads.  Outside is tough water resistant fabric to toss on the ground or roll up and use as footrest.  So adaptable for so many situations.  Has a handy clip to attach to suitcase or backpack.