Travel Tips for Solo Travelers

Travel Tips for Solo Travelers

Our best travel tip here at En Route Travelware is "Just Go!"  Especially for women to travel solo. I totally understand the trepidation of going at it alone but you are missing out on life if you feel you need a travel partner.  I've been a lifelong traveler after my first big trip to Bali in 1972. It rocked my world. Now I love the freedom of taking off on my own. I'm older, wiser, and not going to let a few strange looks stop me from experiencing whatever I want.

I really encourage women to try it. It's fun to join a tour (many with low single supplements) and meet new friends. You're not there accommodating anyone else but doing exactly what floats your boat. Eat, sleep and see what you want, when you want. The world is a friendly place despite what the news says. Some of my most heartwarming experiences have been with people who didn't speak a word of English. A smile and a hearty laugh goes a long way. 

Sharna Law, CEO of En Route Travelware

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