To Check or Not to Check Your Luggage

To Check or Not to Check Your Luggage

Not sure whether to check your bag or not? The very first thing to do is to check with your airline and see the size and weight dimensions that are allowed for a carry on.  This especially goes for international travel.  Many times you will change planes to a regional carrier that will have more restrictions.  Then measure your suitcase to make sure it is compliant.

As far as packing, it's easier to pack for a beach vacation than for a ski holiday.  Many experts
suggest you wear as much as possible, like your boots, sweater and jacket.  So far they aren't restricting clothing.  

In deciding what to pack, of course think through the type of activities you will be doing and pack the basics.
Take a neutral color approach and then accessorize adding pops of color with scarves and jewelry.  And pack with packing cubes. Here at En Route Travelware, our packing cubes are one of our most popular products. Fold everything neatly and fit as much as you can in each cube.  This tight fit keeps everything from excessive wrinkling and folding and refolding.  It also keeps your clean clothes from shoes and miscellaneous items that fill in the spaces between the cubes. Take out any items you will likely wear only once.

Lastly, make sure your bag isn't too heavy for you to lift into the compartment.  Flight attendants are not required to help you.
And remember, you aren't going to Mars.  If you forget something, there will always be stores.   - Sharna Law, CEO of En Route Travelware

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