Keep phone and valuables safe on your body.

Leg StashTo stay safe in the great outdoors, wear your phone!
Out on a trail, my horse takes off, my phone is in the saddlebag, and I've bit the dust. Or the time I flipped off my bike and my phone is in the bike bag.  Those are just some of the situations Sharna Law, CEO of En Route Travelware, experienced before she designed the Leg Stash, a leg band that holds your phone, keys and other valuables that you wear on your body.  When accidents strike, your phone is safely on your leg, ready to call for help. The main reason to wear the leg stash is because you get extra hidden pockets when traveling.  Keep your passport, money and valuables under cover and safe.  The Leg Stash can’t fall off because it slips on like a sock.  And its so comfortable, you'll forget it's even there! The Leg Stash is only $22.99 and is available on our website, En Route Travelware.   

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