How to Budget For Your Next Vacation

How to Budget For Your Next Vacation

As they say, "take 1/2 the clothes, and twice the money!” And I must say I agree.  Somehow when you are out sucking the marrow out of life, you think less about how you look and more about "let's splurge."  And what may be a splurge for one, is another day on the road for another.  As always, I recommend that all travelers get in touch with what they are really looking for or needing from a vacation.

With so many options for accommodations, you can save a ton of money by renting from AirBnB and getting a place where you can at least make a few meals. Especially if your are travelling with kids. But don't overbuy at the store.  In your enthusiasm, it's easy to purchase too many groceries when really you just want one more street taco. And watch those craft cocktails which can run $15 and up for the "hint of basil and lavender essence."  Another way to stretch dining dollars is to have your main meal at lunch and a lighter snack or appetizer for dinner. Splitting a meal and salad works too.

If condo life isn't the vision, try Priceline or Trivago for getting the best hotel price.  And shop
around for rental cars too. The main thing to remember is prioritize.  If you want live it up, maybe take a day or two off the length of the trip and just go for it.  Or go to a place that offers an all inclusive food and beverage package. Many cruises offer these as do some 5 star resorts.  If you're at a Disney resort, take your own snacks for the kids and package them like a special treat.  

Everyone and every place is different.  Just plan ahead and make a budget.  Then double it!  - Sharna Law, CEO of En Route Travelware

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