Looking for a Great Travel Backpack?

The days of hitching a ride and backpacking through Europe is great if you're 20 and work out a lot.   Even so, that big heavy backpack is not for me. I'd rather save my energy for something more fun than just schlepping my belongings.  When I go to Europe, I need a suitcase with sturdy wheels and then a simple day pack. Our En Route Travel Daypack works especially well, as it is extremely lightweight and made of strong ripstop nylon. And it folds into a small self contained pouch when not in use.

The nice thing about this daypack is that the front area expands to the size of a helmet. For me this is perfect for shopping, whether it be for souvenirs or lunch at the farmers market. With adjustable straps, water bottle slots and multiple pockets to organize, it's perfect for a day out sightseeing. This is a full sized backpack at  19"x12x6 (folds down into a small 9"x9" pouch.)  And it weighs only 8 oz! 

Comes in two colors! For black click here. For grey/dusty blue, click here

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